Rocky Hill Soccer Club is proud to offer a quality travel soccer program to the residents of Rocky Hill, CT.

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Is Club Soccer the same as “travel soccer”?

Yes it is. “Club” or “travel” soccer is organized and run by the Rocky Hill Soccer (RHSC) under the auspices of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association. RHSC receives no funding from local or state sources and is headed by a Board of Directors, consisting of volunteer parents, which meets monthly.


How far do the teams travel to play?

The majority of games are against neighboring towns within a 20 to 30 minute drive. Some of the teams will participate in tournaments which may be held out of state; however this is a decision that the team makes as a group with input from the parents and typically only occurs once per season.


Is it expensive to be on a team?

Uniforms are ordered every 2 years and cost approximately $125. The Commitment Fee typically ranges from $115-$165 depending on the age level. This fee covers the Club expenses which are primarily referees fees for the games for both the Fall and Spring. You will not be asked to pay an additional Club fee in the Spring. Depending on the team, there may also be Team Fees each season. The Team fee is set by the individual team’s Manager each season and is reviewed with the parents. This fee could include a paid Coaching fee which may cost up to $150 per season.


How often are practices held and when are games played?

Practices are held twice a week on Rocky Hill fields, between 75 and 90 minutes. Games are on the weekends; there may be weekends when there is a game both on Saturday and Sunday.


I know that soccer is usually a fall sport. Do the teams play all year? 

RHSC considers soccer the primary sport for the fall season but expects a commitment by their players for the spring. As many players and parents enjoy soccer so much, each team will need to evaluate and decide whether they will play winter indoor session (this is optional). 


RHSC sponsors the Rocky Hill Soccer Tournament which is a tournament held on Columbus Day weekend that attracts club teams from all over New England. If your child is part of a travel program, we expect that your child will participate and parents will volunteer for the tournament.


Why are there tryouts and will my child definitely be placed on a team?

Tryouts are held to assess each players ability and skill level. If there are enough players in a given age group, multiple teams will be formed, with players grouped according to skill level. There may be occasions, simply given the numbers, that a player could not be placed on a club team. In this situation the player would still be able to play soccer with the Rocky Hill Park & Rec program. The timing works out that you will know whether your child has been placed on a club team prior to the start of the Park & Rec season. Any monies that you may have paid to Park & Rec soccer program will be easily refunded to you. 


What if I have further questions, or are unable to attend registration or tryouts, or simply have an interest in coaching or managing a team?

We are always looking for people to manage or coach a team. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact:


If you missed tryouts and are interested in potentially joining a team for the upcoming season please contact George Hatzikostas for more information. 


President George Hatzikostas at