Rocky Hill Soccer Club is proud to offer a quality travel soccer program to the residents of Rocky Hill, CT.

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2019-20 SEASON

Rocky Hill Soccer Club is looking for boys and girls that are looking to play soccer at a competitive level while representing Rocky Hill. This league is a more competitive level of play than the Park and Recreation programs run in many towns, including Rocky Hill. Part of our mission is to increase the kids’ level of play while assisting in their development of skills, teamwork and physical well-being. Our Board, Coaches and Referees strive to educate all families on the fundamentals of soccer while creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for the kids of Rocky Hill to showcase their love of the sport of soccer.

If you are interested in participating in the 2020-21 season please submit the player registration through the links below:
U09 Boys (Birth year of 2012-13)
U10 Boys (Birth year of 2011)
U11 Boys (Birth year of 2010)
U12 Boys (Birth year of 2009)
U13 Boys (Birth year of 2008)
U14/15 Boys (Birth year of 2006/07)
U09 Girls (Birth year of 2012-13)
U10 Girls (Birth year of 2011)
U11 Girls (Birth year of 2010)
U12 Girls (Birth year of 2009)
U13 Girls (Birth year of 2008)
U14/15 Girls (Birth year of 2006/07)

 *The Board must be contacted for any exceptions to grade and birth-date that do not comply. Please proceed with age appropriate registration and then contact    if you are interested in having your child tryout for the next age group up.


Commitment Fee:  Payment will be due prior to the player taking part in tryouts (online by credit/debit card or at the field by cash or check made out to RHSC). The commitment fee structure is as follows: 

U09/U10: $115.00

U11/U12: $140.00

U13/U15: $165.00

Uniform Fee:  The uniform fee is $125 (all players)

Coach Fees: Our coaching fee for 2020-21 is $300. Coaching fees will be collected in (2) installments. $150 due by September 1 and $150 due by October 1. 

Upon completing your child's online registration, their account will be set up with the above fees and due dates. .


New style uniforms are purchased every 2 years for all players. This is a uniform year for the entire club so all players are required to purchase the uniform package. 

We will collect uniform sizing information with your registration, however, more information will be provided once teams have been selected. If needed, you will be able to adjust sizes submitted during tryout registration prior to the club submitting the final uniform order.



Please be aware that your registration serves as a commitment to play for the team your child is selected for. If you change your mind after team selections have occurred your commitment fee will be not be refunded. If you opt out prior to team selection a full refund of the commitment fee will be processed. If your child registers and we are unable to place them, your commitment fee will be refunded in full.

Please contact   and   if you want to withdraw your registration and receive a refund.

In order to participate in tryouts each player (returning and new) must be registered. If you are able to register online we ask that you please do so. This will be very helpful in providing our staff with accurate numbers per age group prior to tryouts and will help you avoid any delays at tryouts. If you are unable to register online we ask that you please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your child’s tryout time and come prepared with the required documents that can be printed using the links below.

All players, whether they are registered online or on-site, must have all required documents and commitment fees paid prior to taking part in tryouts.



Please click the appropriate option below to register your player online. You will submit/update basic contact information, digitally sign the Concussion Awareness document, medical/liability waiver, social media waiver, Player's Code of Conduct, Parent's Code of Conduct, Tournament Agreement and the Fee Schedule Agreement. You can also pay the commitment fee by debit/credit card. In addition to these items, players will also be able to upload their Proof of Residency document and their child's birth certificate.

When you begin any of the online registration you will first be prompted to put in your e-mail address. Please enter your e-mail address and input your password (for returning players only) and select submit. For new players please enter your e-mail address and select submit. You will then be e-mailed a password that will allow you to login and proceed with account set-up and registration.



*The Board must be contacted for any exceptions to grade and birth-date that do not comply. Please proceed with age appropriate registration and then contact    if you are interested in having your child tryout for the next age group up.

U09 Boys (Birth year of 2011-12) U09 Girls (Birth year of 2011-12)
U10 Boys (Birth year of 2010) U10 Girls (Birth year of 2010)
U11 Boys (Birth year of 2009) U11 Girls (Birth year of 2009)
U12 Boys (Birth year of 2008) U12 Girls (Birth year of 2008)
U13 Boys (Birth year of 2007) U13 Girls (Birth year of 2007)
U14/15 Boys (Birth year of 2005/06) U14/15 Girls (Birth year of 2005/06)



Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your child’s tryout time and come prepared with the (11) required documents. You will need to bring the following with you:

  1. Proof of Residency (All New Players and current players that have new address information)- Please bring a utility bill as proof of residency. Where a player’s surname does not match the parent’s surname on the utility bill, we will need an additional proof of residency showing that the player resides at the address. Best option is to provide a school mailing that typically is addressed to the parent/guardian of the specific student and shows the address.
  2. Player's Birth Certificate (All New Players) - please bring a copy of your child's birth certificate
  3. Check for Commitment fees (All Players) (made out to RHSC)
    1. U09/U10: $115.00

    2. U11/U12: $140.00

    3. U13/U15: $165.00

  4. Concussion Form 
  5. Liability/Medical Waiver Form 
  6. Social Media Release Form 
  7. Player Code of Conduct 
  8. Parent Code of Conduct
  9. Tournament Agreement 
  10. Fee Schedule Agreement 
  11. Uniform Sizes  New Players Only: Check for Uniform Fee: $125 (made out to RHSC)

To print all required forms for walk up registration please click here! (Items #4-11)


If your questions are not answered here, please contact:   (Girl's Director) or   (Boy's Director)