Rocky Hill Soccer Club is proud to offer a quality travel soccer program to the residents of Rocky Hill, CT.

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Welcome to the Rocky Hill "Sylvie Poulin" Columbus Day Classic!


Just a few thoughts for all our participants going into the weekend…....


Mutual Respect


One of the most important factors of an enjoyable experience involves a healthy respect for all of the parties involved.  


Respect for the Opposing Teams and Their Goals


Many of our tournament teams have different goals for our event.  Please keep in mind that we all have different goals of participation, and please respect the goals of others!


Respect for the Opposing Team's Spectators


At an event like ours, the vast majority of our spectators share one thing in common:  Parenthood.  Although the competition can get heated, and tensions can flare up, most of the people at the field are most interested in watching their children develop as soccer players and human beings.  While the jerseys may be different colors, the feelings are often exactly the same!


Respect for the Officials


Final authority rests with the officials.  They ensure the match is fairly contested, and to keep the players safe.  They are human, and prone to mistakes, but they are trained to govern the game.  But recognize that they do their best and without them, it would be impossible to have a true meaningful competition.  Complaining to the officials only detracts from the enjoyment of the participants, saps the playing time from the game (all games are running time), and I have yet to see a referee change his or her decision!  So please cheer for your teams and let the officials do their job.


Respect for the Tournament Staff


Our tournament is staffed largely by volunteers, parents of players in our teams, who will be working hard to ensure the tournament is successful.  The hours are long, the weather could be a factor, and again they are volunteering their precious time.  So if an organizer asks you to keep your drinks/food etc., off the field, please do it.  If the staff member presses you to get your team on the field to start on time, please do it.  Our staff will help our tournament run in an orderly fashion, and on time, maximizing play time and minimizing inconveniences for the participants and spectators.


Respect our Facilities


We are fortunate to have five great facilities for this year's tournament.  The surfaces are in very good condition, and the rest of the facility is well organized and kept.  Follow facility restrictions and rules closely, and treat facility personnel with respect.  Pick up trash and dispose of it properly, don't park in illegal spaces (Police will be patrolling and will ticket).  Our tournament teams enjoy playing at these facilities and we'd like to continue to utilize them!


Other Important Tournament Notes for Teams




To fit as many teams as we have, we've had to cut it close regarding our overall tournament schedule and the sunset.  Please help us keep games on time!  Check in with your field marshal for last minute instructions, have your kids ready with shirts tucked in, shinguards on with socks pulled up and jewelry removed.  Work with the field marshals, opponents, and extra officials where available to figure out what side your team will start on and which team needs to change jerseys in case of a conflict.


Have your team ready to take the field as soon as the previous match ends, and please be considerate to referees and field marshals as they push to get us on schedule.  Please especially be considerate to our field marshals who are club volunteers!


There is almost no space available for warmups at any of our facilities.  So any team warmups need to take place in the limited space surrounding the fields.  Please instruct your teams to be respectful of the match you are warming up near.


Field Directions


Please use the directions to your field available at our website and are shown in the enclosed attachment.  A year ago there were lots of questions on how to get from field to field.  Those directions are attached so please share with those that will be attending.


Schedule Check


Please make sure you check your schedule before you leave for your first match!  


Turf Facility Rules


Please be aware that almost all of the facilities ban food and drinks like coffee.  Please respect field marshals and tournament personnel asking you to leave food and beverages off the fields.  We don't want to risk our relationships with these facilities.


Tournament Personnel


Tournament personnel will be located at the Concession Tents at each of the Venues.  The Tournament Directors tent will be located at Rocky Hill High School.  All Personnel are available for questions.




Concessions will be available at all sites.  I will provide further detail in a subsequent note.


Thank you so much for your attention to this.  Please pay attention to future emails that you may receive.  I appreciate your continued attention to help us make this event a great mid-season treat.




George Hatzikostas

Tournament Director